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Where to begin?

So, I want to start a blog. I've been thinking on it for a few years so it seems like a good time to get going. Plus, I'm doing this new thing where I set goals and write them down so I can check them off and I want to check off "blog once a week" from my to do list.

Let's start with the why? shall we? First and foremost, I really like helping people. I get a stupid kind of high when I can share, advise, commiserate, what have you, and it actually helps someone. I'm someone who loves to learn new things and am lucky enough to do so easily. As I'm getting up in years, I have a good base of knowledge on quite a few subjects and I want to share what I can in the hopes of making things easier for others.

Secondly, in case it's escaped your attention, we're in the midst of a pandemic. My partner works long hours and we have a toddler too young yet for vaccination AND we recently moved many hours away from where I've lived most of my life. All this leaves me with no one to talk with outside of a two year old, my partner (who does love talking with me but I'm sure there's a point where I get annoying to listen to when he's the sole recipient of the volcanic eruption of words upon his arrival home) and my adult son who passes through the house briefly and infrequently. So I'll talk to my computer and hopefully it'll eventually resonate with some real people I can add to my virtual world.

We can move on to the what? now, I think. Since you're here, it should be fairly obvious that I sew - I'm very good at it and will share tips and tricks along with my current projects in process. I am pretty big on trying to keep things eco-friendly so there'll be that, stuff like ways to reduce waste, diy projects, thrift store scores, ect. I'm vegan and a great cook and am looking forward to sharing recipes and frugal shopping tips. Being vegan is important to me but my focus will be on the recipes and ingredient swaps - other than it being the food I make and eat, I don't really get into it much in general. Of course, I'm a person (and clearly a chatty one) so there will likely be a good amount of day to day stuff, books I'm reading, new hobbies I've picked up, funny things my kid and pets (dog, cat, beardie) get up to.

I think the who? is pretty much covered by now but a couple of caveats to end out this week. I'm very, very, very passionate about human rights and equality so I'm not even going to pretend that there won't be the occasional rant here. On that note, as I tend to use swear words as sentence seasoning when I'm calm, rants will probably be extremely sweary. I'm an adult and this is my space and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer but I won't change my voice or morals for anyone's convenience. That being said, I'm open to constructive criticism (including "Kate, short blog posts are better", lol) and particularly want to hear if there's anything I can say or do (or not) to make my work more accessible.

If you've made it this far, wanna be besties?

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